Earn Cash Back at STDcheck

Earn Cash Back at STDcheck.com

A fast, convenient and confidential way to get tested for a wide variety of sexually transmitted diseases. With more than 4,500 testing centers across the country, you can easily find a local one that is most convenient for you and then order your test online from home.

You can also take advantage of their free online consultation with a medical expert. They can provide you with a list of possible diagnoses and suggest treatment plans.

In addition, they are HIPAA-compliant and CLIA-certified so you know that your privacy is protected. Their labs also meet all the highest testing standards to ensure accurate results.

Using a STDCheck Coupon Code to Get More Rebates

When you use your STDcheck coupon code, you can save money on every test you purchase. You can also receive a welcome bonus when you join the site.

The system is secure; this company uses 128-bit SSL encryption along with HL-7 interface which is common in the healthcare industry. This is a critical feature for a STD screening website because it ensures that your personal information and payment records are not accessible to anyone else.

Notifications are sent anonymously; this means your sexual partners won’t know that you had a positive test. They’ll just receive a message from STDcheck asking them to get tested and then report the results back to you.

With their private & discreet approach, it is no wonder that STDcheck has become the preferred method for a lot of people. They also offer fast results – you can get them in 1-2 days after you drop off your sample at the lab.