Earn Cash Back at Straight My Teeth

Earn Cash Back at Straight My Teeth

Straight My Teeth Direct was established in 2018, offering an effective alternative to braces you can do from home with the assistance of an online dentist. Rated highly for treatment results, responsive customer service and no hidden fees; additional guarantees include free refinements post treatment issues as well as replacement retainers if lost or broken retainers occur.

Starting your treatment starts with a home impression kit you send back to the company for initial analysis and diagnosis, then receiving a 3-D image and personalized treatment plan in return. Wearing the clear aligners each day, you’ll then resubmit new impressions to get an updated image and receive your next set of aligners in the mail.

All aspects of the process can be completed from either your computer or smartphone, and will involve working directly with an online dentist. Your online dentist will request dental records and photos, which they’ll use to confirm whether you are eligible for treatment.

Your appointments won’t require visiting our office; however, for an authentic office experience and digital impressions you must travel to Smile Studio’s sole Smile Studio located in Staines, England. Unfortunately for Americans living outside England this creates inconvenient waiting times and additional costs when ordering impression kits from us.