Earn Cash Back at Straight My Teeth

Earn Cash Back at Straight My Teeth

In a world of constricting beauty standards and unrealistic expectations, it’s refreshing to see that Straight My Teeth wants to help people achieve the smile they deserve without having to worry about their budget. Their clear aligners are affordable, easy to use and work with your lifestyle and availability.

The treatment process involves sending impressions and teeth scans to a clinical team at Straight My Teeth. These are analyzed by GDC licensed dentists and then used to create a tailored plan to get you the results you want.

During treatment, you’ll wear a set of clear dental aligners for 22 hours every day or 8-10 hours each night. It’s important to remove your aligners for eating, drinking and brushing.

You’ll receive a new set of aligners every six months or so to maintain your results. At the end of treatment, you’ll also get a free set of retainers to help keep your teeth in place.

Straight My Teeth is a relatively new company that’s built its reputation on offering industry-best pricing. You can save hundreds of pounds on their full clear aligner treatment by signing up for a Black Friday discount or taking advantage of an ongoing monthly payment plan.

What’s more, they have a refer-a-friend program that allows you to earn money for every friend you successfully refer. You’ll also have a chance to earn money with their monthly rewards program, where you can earn extra cash for each month that you continue your treatment.