Earn Cash Back at Stuhrling

Earn Cash Back at Stuhrling

Earn Cash Back at Stuhrling At first glance, Stuhrling Original watches may seem like any other value brand: powered by mechanical movements from China with leather straps that provide comfort without crossing into luxurious territory, and cases constructed of quality stainless steel. But upon closer examination of their movement details there are major red flags which should not be ignored.

At first, the company has come under scrutiny for making misleading marketing claims regarding their movements. When they first began out, they would falsely represent these movements as exclusive luxury Stuhrling creations when in reality most were off-the-shelf Chinese calibers. Their current watches still use these movements but now follow a more stringent policy in which in-house movements will only be marked as such if they feature colorful screws instead of simply calling themselves ‘in-house movements.

Stuhrling watches differ significantly from their Chinese counterparts in that they are finished to a higher standard; from case decoration and movement decoration, to hands with extra details added into each step of production – adding that extra layer can make an enormous difference to how a watch looks.

Stuhrling takes this one step further with their dial designs. Many of their watches boast partly or fully skeletonized dials that allow the wearer to view the mechanical movements behind their watches – creating an avant-garde aesthetic more attractive than that offered by most affordable mechanical watches.