Earn Cash Back at Textbooks.com

Earn Cash Back at Textbookscom

Textbooks can be costly. Students can save by shopping at specialty textbook websites that claim savings of up to 90 percent; renting books or buying used ones; and taking advantage of some retailers’ book-buyback programs where your textbooks can be returned at the end of each semester and in exchange for cash payments.

Barnes and Noble offers an expansive textbook website with an expansive selection of textbooks at competitive prices, and has an easy book-buyback program which enables customers to sell back used books for cash. Their prices tend to be more reasonable than Amazon and often lower than campus bookstores.

BookByte makes textbook buyback easier by providing quotes from multiple buyers based on your ISBN, making the process quick and painless for you to accept an offer and return your books for cash. BookScouter compares more than 30 textbook-buyback vendors so you can monitor prices to determine who offers you the best price, while Empire Text is another small-scale buyback company which makes the process straightforward – simply get a quote, accept an offer, ship out your books.

eCampus is a search engine that compares prices from multiple textbook retailers and allows you to filter by book type and edition, making your shopping easier than ever before. GoTextbooks provides another textbook buyback option by entering ISBN numbers, selecting book types you own and either receiving a check for payment or depositing funds directly into your PayPal account.