Earn Cash Back at Theo + George

Earn Cash Back at Theo  George

Earn Cash Back at Theo + George

Nothing beats a great deal, and with this program you don’t even need to leave home. All you have to do is load any qualifying items onto your Shopper’s Card and your balance will automatically accumulate.

Take Advantage of Cash Back Offers with Theo + George

Unlike other rewards programs, Theo + George provides cash back on all purchases made with your Shopper’s Card. Simply log in to your digital account and navigate to “Savings & Rewards”, where you can quickly view all our Cash Back Offers.

Our Cash Back program is currently a pilot and may be discontinued at any time. So make sure to monitor your balance closely and take advantage of any offers that arise!

Theo & Helena’s Daughter: Natalie

Theo and Helena had one daughter, named Natalie. Tragically, at 15 months old she died tragically due to her father’s negligence in a car accident. Despite his grief over her loss, Theo does not feel any regret as he felt she was too young to have any feelings for him.

Walter & George: Past Conflicts

George and Walter’s relationship is complicated by flashbacks to the 30s, when George harbored negative feelings towards Walter due to jealousy. Though these issues were eventually resolved, Walter still struggles with these same emotions today.