Earn Cash Back at Tod's and Rakuten

Earn Cash Back at Tod’s

This app tracks your spending and offers cash back rewards at various stores, such as gas stations. Your earnings can be redeemed through PayPal, e-gift cards and bank transfers; or used to make extra credit card payments or pay bills. This is one of the best apps for getting cash back on groceries and gasoline purchases but may not provide rewards from all stores.

Rakuten: Cash Back Site for Both In-Store and Online Shopping

This cash-back website offers rewards for both in-store and online shopping. With a browser extension that makes activating offers quick, you can get cash back at thousands of stores that belong to its network – plus new users receive a $10 bonus with no fees! Grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods specialize in this platform allowing them to easily earn cash back! Plus there are money saving deals and coupons you can clip digitally. Plus you can share referral links between friends – giving cash back rewards both ways!