Earn Cash Back at Tractive

Earn Cash Back at Tractive

Earn Cash Back

Cashback is a form of reward program that gives cardholders back a percentage of the purchase amount when making eligible purchases, giving them statement credit, bank transfers or redeeming it for products and services. Although eligible purchases vary depending on which credit card is being used, they typically include general spending categories as part of this reward program.

Tractive provides GPS tracking devices for dogs and cats that enable pet owners to view the real-time locations, set virtual fences, monitor activity patterns, sleep cycles and activity/rest cycles via smartphone app. Accessories such as collar clips and USB charging cables are available from Tractive while their premium subscription plan enables multiple users to share accessing data from one device simultaneously.

Tractive’s live tracking feature is its stand-out asset for helping owners track down a lost or wandering pet. It can be activated simply by tapping its icon on a map or within the settings menu in the app – with support available in 180 countries across AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile LTE networks worldwide! It can even track WiFi networks as well.

Newer versions of Tractive GPS include built-in augmented reality features that use your smartphone camera to superimpose live visuals of your pet on a map and superimpose direction information over it. This feature is especially helpful if your pet strays outside their yard or into an unsafe situation in the middle of the night, and also comes equipped with power saving zones which temporarily suspend tracking functions when connected to trusted WiFi networks and extend battery life as well as activity monitoring which turns the Tractive into a FitBit for your dog or cat!