Earn Cash Back at Tripadvisor

Earn Cash Back with Tripadvisor

As one of the world’s premier travel sites, TripAdvisor provides numerous ways for businesses to generate cashback, including becoming hotel partners, offering tours or activities, or renting homes. Business owners can utilize TripAdvisor’s hospitality marketing tools for better online exposure; providing exceptional customer service will ultimately result in positive reviews that lead to bookings.

The site also provides users with a social component, with features like liking or reposting photos and comments as well as connecting to accounts via Facebook or Google to follow new content from others. Furthermore, multiple languages are supported on both desktop version and mobile app accessing the platform.

Tripadvisor Rewards program enables members to earn cash back. You can find the link for this in the upper right-hand corner of its home page. Once logged in, you’ll see all your account information including how much cash back has been earned as well as manage and view recent bookings.

Cashback is calculated using the price of an actual accommodation or experience booking and may exclude additional fees such as taxes or service charges. Cashback will typically appear in your account within 24 hours after check-in (for Accommodation bookings) or the next business day following completion (experience bookings). Tripadvisor reserves the right to delay crediting of Bookings due to supplier actions/policies changes, cancellations/refunds; in such an instance any pending Cashback would be lost forever if your membership or wallet provider account are terminated/ closed as any pending Cashback will become forfeit.