Earn Cash Back at Trish McEvoy Cosmetics

Earn Cash Back at Trish McEvoy Cosmetics

Earn Cash Back at Trish McEvoy Cosmetics Legendary makeup artist and beauty mogul Trish McEvoy established her namesake brand in 1975 with one of the first professional-quality brush collections available to women. Today, her products focus on helping them look their most confident selves–while feeling it too!

Trish McEvoy offers an expansive collection of skincare and makeup products designed for every skin tone. Foundations and powders are specifically crafted for natural coverage with ease of application, while eye shadows and lipsticks complement every skin tone. Skincare includes moisturizers, cleansers, and concentrated treatment solutions; while makeup kits bundle multiple items together to streamline your beauty regimen.

MHCG worked with Trish McEvoy to reposition and adapt for an ever-evolving beauty landscape, providing state-of-the-art beauty tech, upgraded client services, device compatible email marketing campaigns and revamped outdated digital marketing best practices–all designed to keep her brand relevant and appealing to new consumers.

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