Earn Cash Back at TurboTax

Earn Cash Back at TurboTax

TurboTax Can Help You Earn Cash Back

Are You Searching For Tax Refund Solutions? Have You Considered TurboTax As A Way of Filing Taxes TurboTax’s top-rated tax software could help you claim back maximum refund.

Credit Card Offers on Popular Tax Software Many major credit card issuers offer special savings of $5 to $20 when paying with their cards for tax software purchases, so be sure to compare each offer before choosing which card works best.

Dependent upon your financial circumstances, paying your taxes with a card might not be ideal. But if you have access to a high credit limit and rewards cards offering points or cash back per dollar spent, using them may prove worthwhile in lowering taxes.

Cash Back Rates on TY19 Federal Free Skus, State Free Skus, TTL Paid and Basic.

File your taxes with TurboTax through Lemoney and get up to $100 cash back! Applying is simple – simply select a promo, use its product/service, and enter your Lemoney email address when prompted.

Refer-A-Friend Discounts

TurboTax provides several refer-a-friend discounts throughout the year. Sometimes these can even give you free or discounted software or other bonuses for getting someone else signed up with TurboTax!

Crypto Support

With our Premier version, you can import up to 20,000 cryptocurrency transactions at once, while the Self-Employed version enables you to import income and expenses from Square, Uber and Lyft services.