Earn Cash Back at Vaya

Earn Cash Back at Vaya

Prices have skyrocketed over recent years, leaving Americans scrambling to stretch their budgets as far as possible. Luckily, there are apps that provide shoppers with opportunities to earn cash back on all manner of products from groceries and gas to travel and online shopping.

The best cash back apps enable customers to select offers from a list and redeem them when meeting a minimum redemption requirement, typically $20. Some cash back apps also enable customers to link store loyalty cards for added offers on certain products.

Ibotta stands out among cash back apps as one of the premier picks, featuring an expansive list of retailers and offering cash rewards on many grocery store brands. Available both as an Android and iOS app/browser extension version with an easy interface, its popularity has led it to be one of the four most downloaded cash back apps in Apple’s App Store.

Payce is another popular app option that displays any available cash-back offers on its home screen whenever it detects a user making purchases at participating merchants. Furthermore, Payce includes a barcode scanner to take advantage of additional cash back opportunities on product packaging.

For those who prefer using credit cards, the Synchrony Premier World Mastercard(r) offers 2% cash back on all spending with rewards being applied as statement credits within two billing cycles after being earned. There’s no sign-up bonus or annual fee; plus it provides access to merchant discounts via AmEx Offers!