Earn Cash Back at Verishop

Verishop can offer shoppers who’ve grown weary of Amazon an appealing alternative that more closely resembles “a refreshing boutique.” With established names like Polo Ralph Lauren and Free People as well as up-and-coming ones like LETT and Ghost Democracy all present on its online marketplace, Verishop provides shoppers with an excellent way to save time while giving Amazon a break.

Verishop carefully handpicks products and works directly with brands or designers to sell them on their site, eliminating third-party sellers for better control over quality control and ensuring customers receive what they have ordered.

Within its short existence, the company has raised $17.5 million and grown rapidly – quickly hiring over fifty employees. Khan attributes this success to consumers seeking an authentic online shopping experience rather than big-name retail. He hopes that with their tech capabilities they will become another Allbirds or Warby Parker by creating a marketplace offering more personal service.

Verishop stands out from the competition with its vast selection of clothing and home goods, excellent shipping/return policies, lifestyle guides, livestream shopping sessions and numerous lifestyle content such as style/wellness guides. Have Clothes Will Travel uses affiliate links which enable us to earn a small commission at no cost to you.