Earn Cash Back at Z Grills

Earn Cash Back at Z Grills

Earn Cash Back at Z Grills Looking for an excellent pellet smoker that won’t break the bank? Z Grills stands out as an innovative newcomer with honest pricing and top quality products.

Pellet grills combine wood fire with internal fans to act like outdoor convection ovens. Their unique combination of cooking methods makes them extremely versatile — and easy to use. With digital temperature control and an expansive cooking surface area, the Multitasker 11002B makes an excellent choice for grilling, roasting, baking, or smoking food items.

With this model’s sloped grease management system, cleaning up is simplified. Most drippings will flow down an internal heat shield into a collection gutter before landing in an easily removable slide-out drawer below the hopper where they can easily be collected for disposal or collection for recycling. Simply take off and wipe down before replacing with fresh ingredients!

Z Grills provides an impressive three-year warranty and customer support is available Monday-Friday by phone, email and live online chat. Their knowledge center includes FAQs and troubleshooting articles to get you cooking faster; should you require further assistance just call them. Furthermore, Z Grills has an awesome 30-day return policy, making your purchase even less risky than before.