Earn Cash Back With a Credit Card With Cash Back

Credit cards with cash back rewards are one effective way of increasing the return on your shopping investments, but that doesn’t have to be your only method for saving. Shopping apps may offer additional opportunities, while mobile banking and credit card apps (such as American Express, Chase or Capital One) often provide offers based on past spending history.

Rakuten, Ibotta, and Dosh are three popular cash back apps that provide users with opportunities to earn cash back at thousands of retailers – both online and in-store. You can connect your card through these sites’ websites or download browser extensions that alert when eligible purchases occur.

These apps each offer their own set of rules and restrictions, yet all offer you a way to earn some extra spending money through everyday purchases. All are user-friendly, offering quick, painless savings boosts.

Plan ahead to maximize your cash back rewards: the key to successful cash back is planning ahead for big shopping expenses, like travel. Select “Travel” as one of your 3% rewards categories so you’ll quickly start to accumulate earnings faster if traveling is one of your top expenses this month, for instance. As with other categories, your 3% rewards categories can also be tailored each month to your needs and preferences; your earnings may then be redeemed for statement credits, gift cards or cash value (cha-ching!). Alternatively, use some of it toward funding an adventure or big purchase that otherwise wouldn’t happen otherwise – that way maximizing rewards more efficiently!