Global Hotel Card Powered By Expedia

low-angle photo of global hotel card eligible Hotel lighted signage on top of brown building during nighttime

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Seeing new parts of the world is educational, inspirational, and eye-opening — not to mention the perfect way to get some down time. But staying at hotels can get expensive, especially if you have to do it frequently. Those who travel on a regular basis can find themselves racking up quite the credit card bill, but what’s a travel lover to do? 

The Global Hotel Card is a wonderful gift for anyone with the travel bug to receive; it’s essentially a gift card that can be used at hotels worldwide. Gifting someone with the luxury of choosing their travel accommodations is a nice personal touch and would be much appreciated by anyone who travels often — whether for work or pleasure. 

How To Get Cash Back using the Global Hotel Card (Powered by Expedia)

Slide and Global Hotel Card want to reward you for your generosity by offering you cash back on your purchases. When you download Slide and purchase your gift card through the app, you’ll earn 7% cash back for your kindness! It’s a simple task that can make a kind gesture feel even more worth your while.