How to Earn Cash Back at Instant Brands

Earn Cash Back at Instant Brands

Cash back apps provide rewards in the form of money or points when you make purchases at certain stores and online. You can use these rewards to save up for a larger purchase or pay down debt, without changing your daily spending habits. Unfortunately, however, some cash back apps are scams while others may not work as promised; read on to gain insight into how they operate and which ones deserve your consideration.

How to Earn Cash Back at Instant Brands

It is no secret that Americans have taken to cutting back on discretionary spending during this pandemic, yet some companies still struggle. Last week, Instant Brands–makers of Pyrex glassware and Instant Pot multicookers–filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after sales of multicookers fell sharply.

Though it would be easy to put all the blame for their financial difficulties on consumer demand alone, inflation and rising interest rates likely had more of an effect. Consumer spending had declined too – something many other American businesses experienced, including clothing and electronics sellers.

Are you searching for ways to reduce spending? We have put together a selection of apps that offer cash back rewards on items you actually purchase, such as card-linked cash back apps that give the highest cashback returns or loyalty programs that reward without linking your credit card.