How to Earn Cash Back at Lightbox Jewelry

Earn Cash Back at Lightbox Jewelry

Earn Cash Back at LightBox Jewelry

Lightbox Jewelry has lab-grown diamonds that look just like mined ones and come in an assortment of colors – and now offers cash back when you make purchases!

Price Point: $800 per Carat

Lab-grown diamonds (LGDs) can be much less costly to produce than mined stones due to being more energy-efficient and therefore needing lower cultivation costs.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Offer Transparent Prices

Lab-grown diamonds stand out as an excellent value because their pricing is transparent – including carat weight calculations. At Lightbox, a 1-carat diamond with Very Good cut grade and VS clarity costs just $800.

Colored Diamonds in Soft Shades of Pink, Blue and White

Lab-grown diamonds offer more variety in terms of shades than mined diamonds do; Lightbox Jewelry offers lab-grown diamonds in pastel hues of pink, blue and white for our customers to purchase.

Save With Coupons and Sales

Lightbox Jewelry often provides discounts and promo codes when shopping in-store or online; these can often be found on their website, social media pages and email lists.

Sign Up With an Outstanding Cashback Site: In order to take full advantage of Lightbox Jewelry cashback offers, it is necessary to join an outstanding cashback site. A good cashback website will provide thousands of top retailers, high rebate rates and welcome bonuses; plus they’ll send your earnings right into your bank account after every purchase!