How to Earn Cash Back at Saatchi Art

Earn Cash Back at Saatchi Art

Earn Cash Back at Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art provides people around the world access to art they appreciate, offering artists and curators an exclusive platform from which to sell their work and meet international art collectors. As one of the premier online galleries, Saatchi Art gives artists access to an expertly curated environment in which to sell and showcase their art for sale and connect with international collectors.

Buyers will find an abundance of paintings, drawings and photography at every price point from emerging to established artists – plus an expert team ready to assist in finding just the piece they are searching for. Finding their ideal piece has never been so simple or enjoyable!

Artists also benefit from using Etsy as a nonexclusive platform to show their artwork, with many sellers also finding representation through physical galleries. But due to its saturated market, building clientele on its own may prove challenging if you don’t already have a strong fan base.

Tip #4 – Categorize Your Prints Appropriately When creating an Open Edition Print, it is possible to categorize it according to style, subject matter and medium. Keep the buyer or curator in mind when categorizing artworks so you will increase chances of reaching the intended audience.

If you wish to sell art on Saatchi Art, first verify your legal name and identity by uploading government-issued ID such as a passport or driver’s license. This can be accomplished by visiting your Account Information page and selecting “Upload ID”, where a template will be emailed directly or you can create one yourself. In addition, VAT registered sellers selling within Europe should provide their VAT number so Saatchi Art can withhold sales tax when applicable and send it off accordingly.