How to Earn Cash Back at Skillshare

Earn Cash Back at Skillshare

One of the largest online learning communities in the world, Skillshare offers classes on topics from art and design to videography and freelancing. It also has a dedicated community-based learning environment that encourages interaction with students and teachers alike.

Earnings potential

As a teacher on Skillshare, you can earn royalties based on the amount of minutes your classes are watched by students. 30% of the platform’s revenue is divided among instructors, and you are paid out from that pool based on the number of minutes your students watch your classes each month.

High earning potential

Top instructors can make over $100,000 a year from their courses on Skillshare. It’s an excellent way to build your resume and gain some extra income while job searching or looking to advance in your current job.

High-quality teaching content

As a teacher, you’ll have access to a collection of in-depth articles that are meant to help you create high-quality classes and provide the best possible learning experience for your students. These resources include tips and tricks on how to write great tutorials, make your videos more engaging, and more.

Real-life, relatable teachers

As an instructor on Skillshare, you’ll have the chance to work with students from all over the world who have similar interests and challenges as you. This allows you to relate to them and inspire them with your knowledge, passions, and personal story.

Short class length

To earn income from teaching on Skillshare, you need to create short videos that are between 30-40 minutes long. Then, you need to get at least 75 minutes of watch time from premium students each month to qualify for royalties. You can also refer students to your classes and earn $10 per referral.