How to Earn Cash Back at The Tot

Earn Cash Back at The Tot

Earn Cash Back at The Tot We all understand how costly raising children can be. From food and clothing purchases, diapers, and toys – not to mention inflation – your savings may seem stretched even thinner. But with Select’s help, there are ways you can save even more while shopping and earn extra cash back at The Tot.

1. Find apps compatible with multiple stores: For optimal cash back rewards, look for cash back apps that support various retailers so you can earn from where you shop most frequently. This makes finding offers and taking advantage of them quickly to maximize savings on daily purchases.

2. Explore receipt scanning apps: Some cashback apps allow you to take pictures of receipts to earn rewards. These types of apps are great for quickly finding deals on groceries and essentials while keeping track of spending, helping with budgeting as a result.

3. Look for high rewards rates: To maximize your earnings on everyday purchases, the top cash back apps offer high rewards rates with minimal redemption minimums so you can get paid out sooner rather than later.

4. Consider The Tot cashback credit cards: Some credit cards provide additional The Tot cash back or rebate offers. For instance, Rakuten CashBack Visa Card provides 6% cash back at U.S. supermarkets and 3% back on transit expenses including taxi/rideshare services, parking garage fees, tolls charges, trains and buses.