Panera Bread

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Fast food used to be all burgers and fries, leaving the more health-conscious diners scratching their heads for convenient dining options. Thankfully, the world has become more aware that not everyone wants to eat that way and now provides us with many alternate options for dining on healthier foods — even when we’re short on time. 

Panera Bread is one of these many options, and their menu is the epitome of healthy food on the go. Their fabulous sandwiches, soups, and salads allow diners to eat fresh, delicious food, whether they have time to sit down or not. With over 2,000 locations in the US and Canada, people everywhere can enjoy this fast-casual chain and all the goodness it provides!

How To Get Cash Back at Panera Bread

Slide and Panera have partnered to bring you extra savings on your healthy dining experience, making it even easier to eat healthily! Just download the Slide app and enter your payment info. You can enter your serial number when ordering online or present your barcode to the cashier. Either way you’ll earn cash back instantly — and up to 2% extra if you pre-load your Slide balance first!