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Earn Cash Back at Sperry

Purchase at Sperry and Earn Cash Back. Although most renowned for its iconic boat shoes, Sperry also offers clothing and accessories with seaworthy appeal – including sandals, loafers, sneakers that embody their signature effortless style as well as offers during shoe sales for deals on footwear for everyone in your family.

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Sperry Top-Sider, established in 1935, is an American shoe company that manufactures classic deck and boat shoes for men, women, and children. Their shoes provide comfort and stability on water surfaces while still looking fashionable on land adventures – the company is based in Boston Massachusetts; founder Paul Sperry created its grooved rubber sole as an anti-slip feature on slippery boat surfaces; since then it has become one of the trademarks of their style of boat shoes known by various names: Sperrys or Top-Siders.