Tips to Earn Cash Back at Redbubble

Earn Cash Back at Redbubble

Redbubble Can Help You Earn Extra Income Looking to generate additional online income or sell merchandise online? Redbubble provides an ideal platform to test whether people would be interested in purchasing your work; however, they take a 20% cut of all sales made.

Redbubble’s best tip for making money is keeping multiple projects going at the same time, paying attention to which ones are working and which aren’t. Use their dashboard to keep an eye on which designs are getting clicks and sales and focus your efforts there. Connect your Redbubble account to Google Analytics so you can improve SEO and understand your audience more thoroughly.

Redbubble success hinges heavily on having clear product descriptions. Be mindful when using keywords; for instance, if selling art featuring popular memes, ensure the description includes words which will rank it in searches so as to attract customers and increase sales. This will ensure customers find your items more easily!

Redbubble provides several great features to assist artists in doing just this, such as their Featured Artists and Found Feed features.