Uber Eats

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Having your favorite food delivered used to depend on whether or not the restaurant offered delivery. If not, you’d either have to go out for your meal or choose an alternative option, taking the convenience out of ordering in. Not so anymore: we have all sorts of delivery options available to us in this modern age of technology and convenience! 

Uber Eats is a subsidiary of the ever-popular Uber ride share company. Think of it as ride share for your food, because that’s basically what it is! Uber Eats can bring you just about anything, quickly and easily. Just a few clicks and you’ll have whatever food you’re in the mood for at your front door in a matter of minutes!

How To Earn Cash Back on Uber Eats with Slide

Save on your next Uber Eats order by pairing it with Slide at checkout — with just a few clicks, you’ll be earning cash back on your dinner. Just download the Slide app, enter your details, and order away. Using your serial number in the Uber Eats checkout will instantly get you 4% cash back ― 5 or 6% if you pre-load your Slide balance before ordering!