Earn Cash Back at Bed Threads

Genevieve Rosen-Biller created Bed Threads after her global search for luxurious linen sheets left an empty spot in the marketplace. As an online direct-to-consumer brand offering premium French flax linen bedding that is both beautiful and cozy – at an accessible price point – Bed Threads proves beauty, comfort, and consciousness can exist together!

Bed Threads has garnered immense praise for their commitment to environmental responsibility, ethical trading conditions and eco-friendly packaging – not only is their linen sourced from France but their sheets manufactured ethically in China too! All this contributes to their strong brand loyalty with customers appreciating both its values and products equally.

Bed Threads’ commitment to individualism includes encouraging its community members to share their sleep sanctuary inspiration, design ideas and self-care rituals through social media. This online engagement fosters connections among like-minded people while creating an uplifting collaborative space that promotes creativity and wellbeing.

Bed Threads has earned itself a stellar reputation for customer service. Their responsiveness to customer issues has been widely recognized on review sites. While some buyers may initially find the sheets scratchy, with subsequent washing they soften and only get better over time. If you don’t want to invest in full set, Bed Threads provides sample sets as well as risk-free returns policies so you can try before you buy.