Raise (formerly Slide) Unlimited Cashback App Review

a close up of dollar bill cashback

Few things in life are better than getting cash back on your purchases. It’s like being paid to shop! 

However, traditional cashback apps and websites aren’t without their flaws. From restrictions on how much you can earn to being paid in points rather than actual money, they’re often less rewarding than they promise to be.

That’s where Slide comes in.

A cashback app with a twist, it offers shoppers an array of compelling advantages over other options on the market. To learn more about it and decide whether or not to give it a try, check out this comprehensive slide cashback app review.

What is Slide?

Launched by the mobile payments company, Raise Marketplace LLC, Slide is a mobile app that lets you earn cash back on your purchases.

It differs from traditional services of this nature in two key ways though:

Firstly, rather than logging into an account to make purchases via a website, you actually pay with the app. Think of it like using Google or Apple Pay. This time, though, you get cash back every time you buy something from an eligible store!

Secondly, you aren’t restricted to internet shopping. Slide offers cashback whether you use it online or in-store, without having to upload receipts. You can then either put that money toward future purchases on the app or withdraw your money using PayPal or Venmo when you want it (assuming the balance is over $15). 

The end result is a versatile cashback app that’s incredibly easy to use.

What Does Slide Offer?

Okay, so you know what it is and does. But why would you choose this app over the countless other options on the app store? In this section, we’ll turn to the main perks on offer to anyone who uses the Slide cashback app.

Unlimited Cashback

A primary incentive to using Slide is its impressive rate of cashback. Install the app on your phone and you’ll get up to 10% cash back on anything you buy from participating stores (more on this coming up)! With other rewards cards, rates that high are usually reserved for certain categories.

Not only that, but there’s no limit to how much cashback you can bank. If you keep spending, then you’ll keep earning.

It’s worth noting that your cashback expires 2 years after earning it though. Make sure you withdraw your money on a fairly regular basis to avoid disappointment!

Plentiful Payment Options and Partners

Two further attributes include the array of ways you can pay with Slide and the large number of retailers with which it’s partnered.  

You can link the app with your debit card, credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, and/or BitPay. Oh, and if you put money onto your account beforehand using BitPay, you’ll receive an additional 1% cashback.

As for the supported stores, there are currently more than 200 to choose from, including major brands like Lowe’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Uber, Under Armour, and Petco. Ultimately, there’s no shortage of opportunities to accumulate cashback!

You Can Stack Rewards

Do you already use a rewards credit card to collect points/cashback from your purchases? Well, you’re going to love Slide if so.

By loading the card into the app, you’re able to combine the two sets of rewards into each purchase. To put it another way, you’ll get Slide’s cashback as well as whatever your credit card offers!

Imagine that your card’s paying at cafes and restaurants right now. Adding it to Slide and paying with the app at Dunkin’ Donuts would give you 8% back. Ultimately, you’re able to squeeze the last dregs of value from your expenditure.

How to Get Started

Getting starting with Slide is very straightforward too.

After downloading it to your smartphone via their website and setting up an account, you can link your payment method of choice and/or use BitPay to pre-load money to the app. From there, it’s a matter of going shopping at any of Slide’s 200+ partner stores!

When you’re ready to make a purchase, simply create a barcode on the app by inputting the payment amount (complete with tips and taxes). Claim your cashback by presenting this at the checkout or inputting the serial number that accompanies it when shopping online.

Ultimately, with up to 10% cash back and a wealth of other benefits up for grabs, you have nothing to lose!